Make the Most of Your Digital Marketing

Are you getting the best results for your online site’s marketing investments? We have a few tips to ensure you’re making your advertising dollars matter.

Market your site through your dealership’s existing outlets. 

Collaborating with your dealership’s existing marketing department or agency is a low-cost, convenient way to spread the word about your online store. Include a link to your online store or catalog on your main dealership website to increase customer awareness.


  • Use your dealership’s existing list of customers to create email campaigns

  • Promote your parts website with in-store postcards or flyers

  • Mention your site in service reminder emails

Don’t let your dealership’s advertising compete with your parts site advertising. 

If your dealership uses search engine marketing advertisements to direct customers to your website, make sure it doesn’t conflict with the advertising for your parts site. Also, check your ad accounts to make sure ads for parts and accessories are linked to your parts site. 


  • Include "parts" as a negative keyword in your dealership's paid search campaigns 

  • Direct parts-related ads to your parts website 

Consolidate your search marketing services to avoid competing interests. 

If you contract your search marketing services to multiple outside agencies, you may risk competing against your own advertising, or bidding against your own keywords. This can result in wasted advertising dollars and unnecessarily costly CPCs. For this reason, it’s wise to consolidate your search marketing services into one solid agency.


  • Evaluate your search marketing strategy to avoid bidding against your own keywords.

  • Choose one agency to execute search marketing advertising.

How SimplePart Can Help:

Give your business a boost with SimplePart’s in-house team of digital marketing experts; they’ll create a search marketing strategy to meet your goals and budget. Our business development and support teams are also here to help you decide if you’re on the right package for your business, based on your objectives. No matter your needs, we’re always available to help at or 404.620.9764