Updated Articles

  1. How This Works: The Product Questions Module

  2. Effective July 1, 2022: Colorado Retail Delivery Fee

    This article will show you how to turn on a setting to automatically charge the Colorado Retail Delivery fee to orders with a Colorado shipping address.
  3.  ADT (FKA B2B) – How to Log In

    Join Zach to learn about how to log in to the ADT platform and the differences between logging in through SSO or through the Dealer Accessories Catalog website.
  4.  ADT (FKA B2B) - How to Adjust Labor Units

    Learn how to adjust the labor units for a product in the Dealer Accessories Catalog with this short video.
  5.  ADT (FKA B2B) - How to Print PDFs

    In this video, we’ll teach you how to make a printable PDF of relevant information to either use on the showroom floor or when speaking to customers.
  6.  ADT (FKA B2B) – How to Build a Quote

    This video will teach you how to create a customized quote and calculate the financing for the accessories you offer.
  7.  ADT (FKA B2B) – How to Create a PDF Brochure

    In this video you will learn how to create a customizable brochure to advertise products in your showroom with this short video.
  8.  ADT (FKA B2B) – How to Create an Accessory Label

    In this video, we’ll be reviewing how to create, customize, and print accessory labels.
  9.  ADT (FKA B2B) – Create a Price Tag

    In this video, you’ll learn how to create a price tag to provide more details on a certain product.
  10.  EP. 15 – How to Adjust Pricing

    This video will cover how you can use the SimplePart Control Panel to adjust pricing on items in your online store, as pricing your parts and accessories correctly is essential to your website’s success